Played for decades in casinos, roulette belongs to the most popular gambling amusements. Like other tables, it comes with varying wagering limits. Some options are perfect for those with small bankrolls. But roulette at casinos for high rollers allows whales to put into action thousands of dollars at a time.

The game has three main formats – French, European, and American. The big names have been involved in the creation of this entertainment and its variations. These are Microgaming, Playtech, NetEnt, and others. Here, you will find some tips on how to place safe bets.
High Roller Casinos Roulette Tips

Maximize Your Winnings and Minimize Your Losses

You can become a fortunate soul and improve your chances of winning. Just practice your skills and stick to some simple rules concerning strategies, game types, money, and stakes… Remember, it’s better to choose European roulette over the American one, and go only for reputable service providers that use an RNG. More pieces of advice you can find below.

Practice Free Mode before High Rolling Stakes

If you are doubtful about your wagering skills, then try the arcade for free before playing for high stakes. Some practice will let you become more confident and find out which tactic suits you and which one doesn’t. Betting in a demo mode also will allow you to decide on how much money you are willing to put into action.

Pay Attention to The House Edge

House edge determines the percentage of the profit a high roller casino expects to retain from each spin. Therefore, if you want to get more, then you should probably choose providers that come with the lowest HE. This figure is a common feature of all establishments and is often less in the UK than that used in Australia or Canada.
Roulette Casinos for High Roller

Make Often Profits Withdrawing

Fortunately, it happens, you start playing with a particular sum of money and end up with a bigger one. Then you’d better cash out your winning as soon as it comes, and continue gambling with the initial funds. In such a case, the worst thing which may happen to you is that you show neither profit nor loss.

Use Outside Bets

There is no wonder that sticking to the outside means getting fewer profits. However, if you keep placing bets on high and low or red and black, you are more likely to succeed. Even though the return is not higher than 1:1, your winning chances are almost 50% which is a pretty good opportunity.

Choose The Right Strategy for High Roller Casino

There are many strategies to employ in roulette. These are the Kavouras Bet, Tier et Tout, John Solitude Raindrop, and more. In fact, any tactic is a list of rules one should follow to decide on when and where to place a bet. Below, we will explain the most common systems that really work and help thrill seekers to make profits.
Roulette Tricks at High Roller Casinos

Martingale Roulette System

This strategy is all about increasing a bet size in two times after each fail until you succeed. Nevertheless, gamblers utilize it on black and red, you can use it on numbers as well. Therefore, if you always double your wager, you are likely to win back all your money and make profits sooner or later.

James Bond Tactic

Those using this system in roulette bet on 2/3 of the wheel, including zero and excluding all numbers from 1 to 13. This tactic will work for you only if you can put into action as much money as you may need to withstand a possible long losing run.