High roller casinos are those ultimate places that attract the most successful people from all over the world. Famous businessmen, superstars, basketball players, and other cool dudes have one hobby in common and it is online gambling. They take their game so seriously, so bets sometimes reach a couple of thousands of dollars.

The atmosphere is so real and exciting that even players from Europe feel like they are at the very heart of Las Vegas. In our guide, we have gathered the best hints for the Web whales at high roller casinos and some answers on their FAQ.

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Tips to Pick up High Limit Casino

Being a high roller means you bet large sums of money very frequently. It obviously puts a large risk on you, so it is better to choose your establishment wisely. There are special instructions you may follow in order to avoid any scams and thefts. Read about those useful tips and tricks down below.

Reviews and Ratings

The first thing you can do to check the credibility of the high stake casino is to read reviews about it. Many betting houses have been existing for the very long time and maybe some of the customers already had issues in the past. You may find players’ reflections on forums, gambling communities, or right on the website of the studio you are using.

If you are looking for not so opinionated thoughts, you may check special ratings. The higher the place is – the better service an online house provides. To be more confident in your choice also read our manuals.

VIP Player Club

Regular customers have to complete a lot of requirements before they may obtain the VIP status. For big spenders, the procedure is usually much simpler. In the majority of good quality casinos, they become privileged automatically. The VIP Player Club accepts players from the UK, Canada, Australia, and many other countries. Those members get the unique opportunity to access various exclusive games, casino bonuses, promotions, as well as 24/7 high-class service.

High Stake House Performs

Internet entertaining is all about choices and decisions. According to the software provider guide, modern casinos for high limits have developed 3 convenient ways to access their content.

The first is through the special downloadable programs that you may install on your device and open any time you need it. For those who are against the setting up process, there is instant access! You just have to find a website to your taste and then set up an account. If you are always on the go and prefer to enjoy via your mobile or tablet you have that option as well.

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How to Choose Online Games

Since thrill seekers who prefer big bets put so much effort in every game, manufacturers recognize this for the great achievement. The companies have created various entertainments that only whales can reach. Those include all classics and live casino games, which feature the actions of a real dealer online and do a great job giving a feel of a true arcade.


Slots are very popular for their understandable rules and high payout rates. There are a lot of decent choices as well: you may pick up among classics, 3D, bonus, and video machines. Progressive jackpots are another attraction, because the amounts here are tremendous. The odds in the high limit casino pokies are in your favor, so even though you may not hit the main prize, the chances to go home with a good paycheck are still notable.


Thrill seekers with huge bankrolls love spending their time with table and card games. European and American roulette kinds are favored by many of them. That is because a potential payout is very high and bet limits are much expanded. In addition, big spenders are rewarded with special bonuses, freebies, as well as a good service. Many of them also say that there are no roulette tips that will certainly help you to hit a big prize. However, we can advise you to bet big and frequent to raise your chances of a victory.


Blackjack is also a game genuinely loved by many whales. There are some famous cases in the history when the greatest fans have bet $500,000 per hand playing on different tables! This amusement allows you to get some really good cash in spare minutes.

Providers often offer versions with the progressive jackpot where the main amount can be as high as a couple of million dollars. There are some blackjack strategies created by other users on the Web. They say these can increase your chances of winning. However, we advise you to be extremely careful with all the information.

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According to the statistics, baccarat is the most popular game among whales in land based casinos for high rollers. However, Internet variants are also famous. Some reasons for that are enormous payout rates, fast pace, and mysterious scenery. The only advice we can give you to set you up for a successful arcade is to read baccarat manual carefully and learn all of the rules. The latter are pretty much simple. Manufacturers offer live dealer and progressive jackpot here as well.

Bonuses for Big Spenders

Many staking platforms believe that high rollers deserve to receive various attractions and bonus types. Free spin or free time encouragements happen to be more rare, whereas no deposit or match promotions sometimes beat all of the records. Their amounts often vary, but it is always nice to get some extra cash to play with. You should definitely check wagering requirements beforehand because otherwise, you will not be able to withdraw your winnings.