The initial idea of creation belongs to one of the nowadays team leaders Bobby Browder. He used to be a high limit player earlier. So the guy was aware of all possible pitfalls and blind spots in the area. Bobby gathered another passionate thrill seekers and together we started working with the purpose to help the next generation.

“The main aim here was to share our experience and knowledge. Every newcomer should be confident and able to get as much additional information as he or she needs. I want my colleagues who are also fans of the online gambling to be more successful than me. I wish I had such a source of materials back then, at the beginning of my career,” – tells the author.

Therefore, due to the efforts of professionals in a few months, we have got the result. In the future, our team is planning to expand the content themes and to include tutorials for other groups. “Oh, of course, we will grow. I am not sure yet whom we are going to help next, maybe real dealer lovers or somebody else. But be sure we will!” comments Bobby.

Every visitor of the site can trust in the authenticity and the accuracy of the data gathered here. Moreover, we will be glad to receive your letters with complaints and improvement offers if there are any of those. The e-mail address is available on the Support page. You are always welcome to contact us!