While some gamblers feel just fine playing at regular online houses, others are not satisfied with what they can offer. Thus, big spenders are looking for better opportunities at high limit studios. We will compare these two types of betting houses to determine the winner in online regular vs high roller casinos.
High Roller Casinos VS Regular

VIP Program Membership

Like land-based studios, online ones offer their clients various loyalty schemes. One can join such a program either at an invitation or automatically. Those betting for high stakes frequently are more likely to get a VIP status than regular players wagering relatively small sums of money occasionally.

Putting into action large amounts of cash as a VIP gives thrill seekers the same generous benefits no matter where they play – at a Canadian, UK, Australian, or any other betting house. They get individual account manager, exclusive limits, great bonuses, and other incentives, including free gifts, entry tickets to various events, and holiday packages.

Bonus Policy at High Limit Casinos

Wagering much money allows whales to experience the real excitement of the gambling world. For their addiction, casinos encourage them with bonuses that are, however, more generous than those provided to regular players. Many betting houses have special offers for high rollers.
Comparison of Regular and High Limit Casinos
These are extra match promos, reload programs, and payback proposals. The latter give seasoned gamblers a great opportunity to boost their bankrolls to play even more games for bigger payouts. While occasional clients consider playthrough requirements attached to most deals to be very hard to meet, casino high rollers usually face no problem when fulfilling them.

Exclusive Game Choice

While regular betting rooms also give their members a wide range of bonuses and promos, they, unlike big stake studios, do not tailor specific games for their elite clients. These amusements usually feature higher table limits and better deposit and cash-out policy to fit the style of the whales’ play to the fullest. These unique entertainments are available only for big spenders and VIP players who can afford to place large bets frequently.
Casinos for High Roller and Regular Players

Deposit Restrictions

All online casinos have some restrictions when it comes to depositing. Regular Internet houses can not afford to pay out million dollars winnings at a time. That’s why they prevent the users from investing much money at one go. However, with their competitors, everything is different. They have the funding and they expect their members to invest as much cash as possible. Therefore, they set minimum upload and bet amounts that allow keeping casual gamblers out while retaining big spenders.

Withdrawal Limits

Also, there are limits on how much money online gamblers can withdraw at a time. While some houses impose restrictions on each transaction, others put limitations on the amount of money one can get in a day, week, or month. Since whales make heftier deposits and wager larger sums than regular players, they want to make bigger cash-outs as well.

Therefore, high stake casinos make certain exceptions when it comes to generous winnings generated by elite members and offer them more attractive terms and conditions regarding their withdrawals.