Before you start enjoying any game, you must get yourself acquainted with the rules. Blackjack at high roller casinos does not imply complicated strategies. Each participant is given two playing items from the 52-card deck at the very beginning. Your aim is to collect 21 points with their combination.

However, different software developers may create game’s variations by changing a little bit the main principles. In our article, we will gladly share some hints and tricks you will find extremely helpful.
Blackjack at High Roller Casinos

Tips for Choosing the Right Action

BJ requires players to think critically and analyze tactics. The majority of users say that you may only win if you stick to the right plan. It is always better to predict an outcome, than to fail. Still, your gameplay manner depends only on you and the experience you have got. Below we’ve gathered some tips for big spenders concerning available actions and the time to apply them.

Splitting Tricks for High Rollers

You may use card distribution as a hint to establish your future high roller behavior. Better split your 6s, 7s, 8s, and Aces in the case the dealer’s face up card is below 6, if they are 4-7 do the same with your 2s and 3s. Never split 5s despite any temptation: you may prefer hit or double down instead, if the croupier’s units are Ace or 10.
BJ at High Stake Casinos

When to Stand Is Better

Cards distribution may also point players the necessity of standing. If the dealer shows an Ace and your hand equals 17 you should always do that. Also, stand if your hand is above 13, and the face up title is 6 or below. Even if you possess a splittable pair of 10s, always stand instead of splitting.

Hit Tactics

Knowing the hit strategies is also important for high roller casino gamblers, since this may sometimes interchange the game’s outcome. Hit if the croupier’s cards are 7-10, or Ace and you happen to have 8, or anything between 12 and 16.

You should hit as well if you`ve got a hand with a total worth of 11, and a performer possesses an Ace. Do the same when yours and dealer’s titles equal 10. If the latter happens to have 7, 8,9 and your total amount is 9, you should hit as well. Even though doubling may seem like a solution for the last three, still it is not your option.
Blackjack Strategies for Casino High Rollers

Best Card Combinations for Doubling

Use doubling when your playing units are 9, 10, or 11. It may help to get 19 or 20 with a 10 or face card afterwards. This action is the only option for high spenders who have 10, 11, while the game manager possesses 10 or an Ace.

When the game manager’s face up cards are of 3, 4, 5, 6, and a total value of your hand is 9 it must be doubling as well.

Best Strategies in High Limit Casinos

All the thrill seekers from Canada, the UK and Australia take their 21 games seriously and hope to win. They learn all about basic strategy. It was created by using a computer and major rules of probability. Information about this system can be easily found, but you have to practice a lot in order to acquire needed skills for success.